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GTO Engineering Services

Located in Wichita Falls, Texas and has been providing structural engineering services for over 30 years!

Licensed in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana

  GTO Engineering Services is a consulting firm which has been providing professional structural engineering services to area industry since 1986.  Primary customers include architectural firms, industrial plants, municipalities, construction contractors and other engineering firms.  Structural design projects have included schools, hospitals, prisons, gymnasiums, industrial plants, office buildings, agricultural buildings, petrochemical facilities, bridges, cranes and structural support of large equipment installations.  GTO also provides a variety of engineering services to the real estate and insurance industries with work on residential, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.   Work includes engineering investigations and forensic studies on property catastrophes, structural deficiencies and failures.  With a significant background in the oil and gas industry, GTO also provides structural design of drilling and production related equipment.     

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